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HISTORICAL JOURNALISM AT ITS BEST. Black has authored an exhaustive, compelling, well-written and edited work. It is historical journalism at its best.
METICULOUS, ESSENTIAL. Black...has meticulously documented this obscure but important slice of world history...makes an essential contribution to an understanding of Israeli politics and the strife in the Middle East today.
DEPRESSING DETAIL. Black reconstructs in depressing detail the (Jewish world’s) strident debates and acrimonious struggles ...while pursuing the increasingly unrealistic goal of bringing the Third Reich to its knees.
EXTRAORDINARY. A fascinating book creating controversy all across the country. Edwin Black applied his established investigative journalism techniques to history. The result is an extraordinary book: The Transfer Agreement.
EXCITING, HEARTBREAKING. On one level, this book is an exciting spy story. On another, it is a heartbreaking account of anguished and bewildered human beings caught in a nightmare situation.
BRILLIANT. ...outlines brilliantly the historic roots of German anti-Semitism.
IMMENSE. ...five years of exhaustive research...The undertaking was immense.
EXHAUSTIVE. As a work of historical journalism, this book is exhaustive and compelling.
AN INCREDIBLE JOB. A passionate book certain to be controversial...(an) incredible job.
A PAINFUL CHAPTER. A struggle to write a painful chapter in Jewish history. What Black began uncovering was a tangled account of an anguished moment in history, one that he at the center had to piece together from... forgotten archives, newspapers from the pre-WWII era and government records.
HELPS UNDERSTANDING. In the hands of a different writer, this material...could have formed a much different story, damning Zionism and the State of Israel... It does not. Black is trying to increase our understanding and appreciation of what we have in the Jewish State of Israel and at what hidden costs.
COMPASIONATE. A compassionate longing for truth.
COMPELLING. exhaustively documented and compelling book.
THE GREAT DILEMMA. particulars on...the great dilemma of 1933—whether to concentrate on toppling the Nazi regime through boycott or the extrication of German Jews before it was too late.
RIVETING. (The Transfer Agreement) is riveting.
LIKE A MOVIE PLOT--BUT TRUE. It sounds like a plot for a movie on the late, late show . . . but it’s not a movie plot. It’s true. All of it. And all of it is detailed in this controversial book.
ON THE AGENDA EVERYWHERE. This book will make an impression. It is controversial and will stir up the (Jewish) communities worldwide. Reactions pro and con will be heard. The book is the topic of the day and is on the agenda everywhere.
PROBING. Using the techniques of a mystery thriller mixed with historical analysis, Edwin Black has created an exciting, probing account of this critical point in modern history.
THE FIRST.  Black is the first to investigate the origins of the 1933 agreement, the international political and economic context in which it was drawn up, the leading persons involved, the repurcussions within Jewish and Zionist organizations, and the long-term results... Black, who conducted research on three continents with the aid of research assistants, has written a detailed, dramatic study of one of the first significant acts of appeasement of the Third Reich and of Jewish history on the eve of the Holocaust.