The Transfer Agreement Banner

Table of Contents

PART  I  Approaching Day One
1.  The Powers That Were
2.  The Ideological Struggle
3.  The Weapon Hitler Feared
4.  The Lonely decision
5.  Madison Square
6.  April First

PART II   The Zionist Moment
7.   The Zionist Solution
8.   The Currency Exemption
9.   Redemption or Relief
10.  Arlosoroff’s Secret Contacts
11.  Stifing the Boycott
12.  Fear of Preventive War
13.  Message to Schacht
14.  Mr. Sam Cohen’s deal
15.  Judgment on the Sand

PART III  The Boycott Struggle
16.  Sam Cohen Resumes Control
17.  Jews, Zionists, Germans, nazis
18.  Jews Lead the World to Boycott
19.  Germany Will Crack this Winter
20.  July 13 at Wilhelmstrasse
21.  The World Jewish Economic Conference
22.  Reversals and Reprieves

PART IV  The Pact
23.  Druck von Unten
24.  Landauer vs. Cohen
25.  Race for Credibility
26.  The Transfer Agreement

PART V  The Will of the Boycott
27.  Now or Never
28.  The Larger Threat
29.  Near the Cracking Point
30.  Untermyer Takes Command

PART VI  The Battle for Prague
31.  Pre-Congress Maneuvers
32.  The Eighteenth Zionist Congress Opens
33.  The First Leak
34.  Showdown on nazism
35.  Interpellation
36.  The Golden Orange
37.  The Political Committee
38.  Hatikva

PART VII  Decision at Geneva
39.  The Second World Jewish Conference
40.  A “Central Jewish Committee”
41.  The Final Moment

Epilogue:  The Transfer Years

Afterword: The Transfer Moment
                  by Abraham H. Foxman